Sensors for your Machine Maintenance Automation
Service Schedules, Tracking, Environment, Analytics

Introducing Infimote

Whatever the industry you are in, your machines are key assets for your business. Automate every aspect of its service maintenance with our infimote sensor externally installed, and benefit greater efficiency of support and increased productivity

How infimote works

Simply install our tiny wireless sensor outside externally to your Machine / key Assets , start monitoring the machine maintenance or service details remotely. With our Mobile Apps and Tools, your service team have greater efficiency to manage the day to day tasks.

Deploy in Minutes

No Wiring

No Impact



We have covered your pain areas

Proximity Sensing

When your service staff step near to Machines, it auto push its Priority Tasks, Complaints, Regular Schedules

Environmental Sensing

Surroundings are an important factor that keeps your machine alive and healthy. Get Real-time alerts if something goes wrong

Broadcast Service Forms

Let Your service staff concentrate on actual tasks, not paperwork. Enjoy our digital e-forms for your service reports

Detect Staff Presence

Ever Wondered, how to track Staff who dont report on time for tasks in your customer place, welcome to infimote

Alert Rules

Your assets don't sleep, so as our rule engine. Design variety of your rules, per your asset.

Schedules and Task

We cover your most of pain areas, whether it is regular maintenance, ad-hoc emergency complaints, repairs, flexible to automate every aspect

Real-Time Monitoring

Our Tools built with advanced technologies, helps your management team, field staff, customers to get real-time information

Push Notifications

Every action is recorded and notifies to the corresponding teams and members of your organization, you need right notification at right time


Data Collection is key to resolve or prevent similar problems, and time to resolve quickly. Our Deep Analysis identifies your problem patterns


We fit most of industries, to name few...

Semiconductor Industries

Shop Floor filled with hundreds of Machines, Go digital in an automated way

Oil and Gas

Pipes and Giant Machines, Indoor or Outdoor in plain oil fields, experience the automation


Moving Assets, Machines? You have every reason to automate to reduce the complexity of people/shifts involved

Shipment and Logistics

Tired of scanning barcodes, referring consignments history, records in a delivery-hectic business. We got you covered


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